We at KSB have devised a child-focused Curriculum which revolves around a program generated from a observation of children’s individual strengths and abilities, with an emphasis on the development of language and numerical skills. It also caters to the need of individual learning styles i.e visual, auditory and kinesthetic.

We follow the approach of discovery and inquiry- based learning. We encourage our children to observe ,experience ,explore and analyse. Each child is respected as a competent thinker and communicator who is offered many opportunities to engage with a range of materials and resources to extend and challenge his her thinking. We value the uniqueness of each individual as a gift and an opportunity to learn. To respect and to be enriched by the similarities and differences within our socio-cultural context.

Our professional, experienced and trained teachers provide the students a warm, loving, caring and affirmative environment for their healthy growth. We are committed to develop in pupils, skills and knowledge and a desire for continuous learning in order to stay relevant for the future. Their education is focused on technology, creativity and the ability to apply acquired knowledge in the world they live in.

Our students will be imbued with strong values, developing them into citizens with character and possessing positive sentiments for our country. A holistic education is also emphasized so that our pupils develop a well-rounded personality, knowing not only how to make a living but also how to live meaningfully.

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